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Can-Star Academy (K-12) is a one-stop-shop for your education, tutoring and university prep needs. Founded in 2013, we have helped over 1300 students reach their potential, and gain entrance to their top university. With locations in the heart of Richmond and, our after-school academies are the perfect choice for additional educational support.

Our focus is on guiding you into North America’s best universities through college admission counselling and a comprehensive selection of courses, including: IELTS, SSAT & SAT exam prep, advanced university prerequisites, and instruction (advice) on how to apply and obtain acceptance to the Top 30 Universities in North America.

Experienced Educators


If you want better results from your students, give them better teachers! Can-Star’s instructors are vetted for knowledge and experience in the subjects they teach. Our staff of over 40 dedicated teachers hold degrees or masters from top North American Universities. We ensure our students learn from the best.

Dedicated Attention in Small Classes

Dedicated Attention in
Small Classes


Learn at your own pace and get the answers you need right away. One-on-one and small group tutoring help students learn faster. A vast array of courses and programs to choose from, including: ELL, English, Math, Sciences, SAT Exam Prep, IELTS, Art Lessons, and Language Learning. Can-Star delivers better learning outcomes, better grades and greater success.

Proven Track Record of University Acceptance


We helped over 20000 students get accepted into top universities in Canada and the US. Our comprehensive application assistance service and exam preparation program maximize your chances to get into the top schools and programs. Monthly academic updates from our teaching staff, directly to you.

Our Services

Can-Star provides tutoring services to students of all ages, levels and subjects. We help grade K-12 students to fill the gaps in his or her knowledge base. We want to help students gain confidence in the classroom and a motivation for learning.

Can-Star Academy assists students with the process of university applications and interviews, giving you the upper hand in the application process. We help you maximize your chances in getting into your dream university!

Can-Star Academy provides a variety of AP tutoring classes taught by excellenet tutors. All tutors are the best of the best, they all have taught over 5 years.
Starting on the Advanced placement pathway early on your academic path will ensure that you will have many choices of university options in the future.

We help students to find extracurricular activities that match their specific interest to motivate their learning. Become the well-rounded applicant your dream university is looking for. Our academic advisors will help you to find volunteer opportunities, community contribution projects, scholarships, award competitions, internships, to strengthen your application and boost your chances.

TUBP is a unique program which not only focuses on each student’s academic skills, but also on the development of important life-skills. The Top University Bridge Program provides you with an advantage when applying to university.

We provide professional fundamentals for students who are interested in art between Grade 8-12. We will be providing the students with an all rounded counseling of their art portfolio. We guarantee that each individual student will be able to achieve the artistic dream and enroll in the top art and design school they desire.

Get Admitted to the
University of Your Dreams

Get Admitted to
the University of
Your Dreams

Can-Star has an exceptional track record of university acceptance for its students. Over 20000 students secured admission acceptance and scholarships, with over 80% obtaining positions in the Top 5 universities in Canada.

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