AP Program Course

AP Program and AP examinations

Students applying to get into prestigious, well-respected colleges or universities should certainly consider taking Advanced Placement courses.

Advanced Placement (“AP”) programs comprise academic courses which, if passed with good grades, can boost a student’s chances of securing a college or university placement. Students scoring a passing grade in an AP exam (grade 3 or above) can earn credits and secure placements at many colleges and universities in the US and Canada. (Courses offered in this program are administered by the College Board which is recognized for advanced credit or placement in many Canadian and American universities and colleges. Students should check with their school counsellor to learn if AP courses are offered in their school district.)

Not only do AP courses look good on university applications, but they will also help students to develop strong study skills and time management habits and move forward confidently to advanced study.

The scoring system is as follows:

  • AP score
  • 5 Extremely well qualified
  • 4 Well qualified
  • 3 Qualified
  • 2 Possibly qualified
  • 1 No recommendation

Maximum Results: Our instructors will train you to master the AP concepts, not just the exam. Our AP tutoring guarantees you a higher score.

Exam-Like Experience: Practice that feels like the actual AP Exam. Our instructors know all the tips and tricks to raise scores on the AP exam.

The Best Instructors: Learn effective strategies from the instructors who know the test inside and out. Each one has tutored thousands of hours, and more importantly, has helped students raise their scores significantly.

Features and Benefits

Can-Star Academy AP Courses

Based on the latest exam syllabus and years of AP tutoring experience, our licensed AP teachers of Canada Star Education can easily help students to complete their AP courses, obtain high grades, and add highlights to their college applications.

Our Advantages

  • Multiple AP courses for you to choose from
  • We are the official partner of Canada Star Secondary School which is the official testing site for AP exams. We have the most updated exams and course related materials. The following link is the AP exam registration site for Canada Star Secondary: https://canadastarsecondary.ca/programs/advanced-placement-program/advanced-placement-exams/
  • We provide small classes. Our teachers are very experienced in teaching and guarantee a 5 point score on your AP exam.
  • Affordable tuition fee that is very cost-effective
  • Our perfectly designed curriculum can help students master the subject and learn every detail efficiently. Our teachers always give timely feedback after class, and leave homework to facilitate the learned content of the course

AP Exam Preparation Classes:

The test preparation class is taught in small classes. Our teachers and experts will provide students with specific knowledge points on various AP courses while prepare students for the AP exams. At the same time, we will also provide 1-to-1 or 1-to-2 customized courses. With our experienced teachers, personalized learning plan, VIP courses, 95% of our students can improve quickly.

AP Credit Courses:

Multiple AP courses are available for students to choose from. Small classes are taught both online and offline with our experienced AP teachers. Our tuition is super cost-effective, and students can get credits recognized by the BC Provincial Department of Education, which can also be used for future university applications. The perfect curriculum plan can help students master the subject, learn efficiently and comprehensively. Our teachers will also provide timely feedback after class, and leave homework to further help students to comprehend the content.