ELL, English courses and humanities

ELL, English courses and humanities

ELL is an umbrella term for an “English as a Second Language” (“ESL”) program which is focused on taking a practical and effective approach to teach English. It offers tried and trusted methods and achieves excellent results for students aiming at high school graduation and beyond to university.

All of CanStar’s courses are designed to enable students, whatever level they’re at, to understand and analyze a variety of writing techniques and become familiar with essay structures and the ways different exams are presented. The courses also encourage critical thinking, teaching students to work out what to write about and formulate their own ideas. 

Furthermore, the ELL program introduces and reinforces essential grammar concepts and demonstrates the usage of high-frequency vocabulary. Our teachers coach students in their writing and editing skills, helping them choose words and structure sentences correctly to attain English level 10 standards faster.

The ability to effectively communicate in English, whether this is by speaking or writing, is critical to achieving academic and life success. 

Being proficient in English is a necessity to secure a coveted place in university and studying the subject(s) of your choice, and then subsequently establishing a career that entails listening, speaking, reading and writing English on a regular basis.

We offer courses that cater to the needs of all students, from the very basic, right the way through to specialized tutoring for more advanced literature reading or public speaking or debate:

English Courses:

  • ESL Level 1
  • ESL Level 2
  • ESL Level 3
  • ESL Level 4
  • English 10
  • English 11
  • English 12
  • Core reading
  • Vocabulary and grammar
  • English Literature Reading
  • Speeches and debates

A dozen experienced English teachers have carefully crafted this course. The course is specifically designed to help students to pass the ELL course and complete the required English courses in High School. Our teachers will accommodate students both in class and after hours, and organize many English tests to help students pass the ELL tests quickly

The different courses here at Can-Star Academy are here to help students to understand and analyze articles of various styles and literary writing techniques. The courses will also aim to let students master a variety of article structures and write structured compositions by themselves. At the same time, creative thinking and critical thinking are carried out to help those students who have no content to write. The course also adds important grammatical concepts, emphasizes the use of high-frequency vocabulary, and trains writing and editing skills. These skills will help students choose words reasonably, diversify sentence patterns, and achieve English 10 learning standards faster.

  •   4 levels of class divided according to language ability
  •   Created by dozens of Vancouver public and private school teachers
  •   Helped thousands of students skipped ESL and ELL classes
  •   Regular communication with parents to effectively manage students’ progress