Extracurricular Planning

Extracurricular Planning

Based on the admission requirements of distinguished universities, We classify extracurricular activities into six types.

  • Community contributions- This type of extracurricular activity includes academic and extracurricular projects that contribute to the betterment of the community. Examples of such activities are volunteering, charity work, and participation in school clubs.

  • Academic achievement- Scholarships, awards competitions, research projects, etc.

  • Leadership Training- Involvement in school clubs, community activities, and student organizations trains student to be future students.

  • Internship

  • Art and creativity- Participation in the fine arts cultures a diverse skill set

  • Sports

Students will then be recommended courses and extracurricular activities that match their specific interest to motivate their learning. This step ensures that students know exactly what their passions and study interests are, and helps them understand the road that lays ahead.