Arts Program

Fine Arts and Design: Portfolio training and preparation

Canada Star Art Academy is Canada Star Education Group’s exclusive art and design program, specifically devoted to nurturing the talents of artists both young and young-at-heart. With some of the top professional art and design instructors in Greater Vancouver, the Art Academy is a ONE-STOP education program for those seeking to learn, or improve their existing skill-set, With a vast array of programs to choose from, upcoming artists can work to build-up a portfolio worthy of admission to some of the top art schools in North America.

Canada Star Art Academy focuses on cultivating students’ personality and stimulating their potential rather than focus solely on technical training. We are dedicated to improving students’ artistic interest, aesthetics and appreciation for art. Canada Star Art Academy’s school of Art and Design will custom make a performance portfolio for each student. Under our cultivation, students will improve their academics, expertise, knowledge, personality, potential and specialties. Students will grow by thinking, creating and doing.

  • Basic drawing lesson
  • Art and Design class
  • AP Fine Art / AP 2D / AP 3D
  • Creative thinking and development course
  • College Application and Portfolio Intensive Course
  • Art training and aesthetic training course

We have maintained a 100% pass rate for the TOP 5 art and design schools in consecutive years, including: Rhode Island School of Design and other top schools. Our services include one-on-one teaching, creating portfolios and AP courses. Our agreement includes guaranteed admission to top art schools and universities in Europe and America.

Guaranteed Admission program for art majors in North America

The program provides professional and systematic academic planning and teaching guidance for all students from grades 8-12 who love art and design. We also provide comprehensive guidance for students’ art and design application portfolios to ensure that every student can enter the art school they desire. We are here to help students to achieve their dreams in the world of art.

More than 95% of students who have applied to art schools have been admitted to the world’s top art schools and universities.

Why choose Canada Star Art Academy?

All in one-stop: From creative inspiration, artistic cultivation to technical training, the four-dimensional integrated training model connects the mainstream university professional courses and 100% admission rate. Our one-to-one customized university application plan and perfect academic supervision is to ensure our students can successfully enter their ideal college.

Mentor Team: Academic background and senior teaching experience of famous European and American art schools is here to create high-end famous school education plans to meet the admission requirements of different majors in targeted universities.

Professional cultural courses: Professional tutors designed learning plans, experienced teachers teaching: Arts foundation, AP drawing, AP 2D, AP 3D, AP art history and other courses

Portfolio Day

Every year, we organize a Portfolio Day with free Academic Advising sessions for all grades and one-to-one Portfolio Review sessions for grade 9-12 students, with Admissions Officers from Top Art Schools, like NSCAD University, OCAD University, UAL, SAIC and Alberta University of the Arts.