Our Instructors

We have a fantastic team of experienced, highly qualified and motivated educators. Our instructors of over 40 dedicated teachers hold degrees or masters from top North American Universities. Many have 20+ years of teaching experience in North America and overseas. 

Our instructors are focused on ensuring you get the help you need to excel in class. Let us help you get top marks in school!


ESL/ELL Teacher

  • Over 30 years of teaching experience domestically, and overseas
  • Holds a B.A. in Education, and TESOL Certificate from VCC
  • Passionate about teaching and working with students of all ages
  • Author of several textbooks for Phonics and Listening & Speaking, ranging from Levels 1-4


English & Social Studies Teacher

  • Specializing in tutoring students within the fields of English, literature, and social studies
  • His educational philosophy is defined by a practical mentality, and promoting the creativity and learning ability of his students by encouraging personal engagement with the subject matter.
  • Positively influences the intellectual and academic well-being of his students.


English Teacher

  • Over 20 years of teaching and tutoring experience
  • Graduate from University of British Columbia (UBC) specializing in English, ESL/ELL classes along with test preparation courses such as IELTS and SSAT
  • Experience as an author/writer and in broadcasting; students who follow my advice and practice the skills that I teach will enjoy success in their own academic and future lives.


English Teacher

  • Educator at Waldorf Private Schools in Vancouver and Whistler, BC
  • Multiple years of international education experience, teaching in Mexico and Bangkok
  • Adult educator on human security issues, and over 10 years of experience in public relations


French Teacher

  • Born and raised in the southern suburbs of Paris, called L’Haÿ-les-Roses
  • BA in Education, specializing in French as a foreign language from Paris 8 University
  • 5 years with the National Ministry of Education of France, teaching French as a foreign language to children from 11 – 16 years old
  • Experience working with the Vancouver French School Board, and Vancouver School Board


Math, Physics, Chemistry Teacher

  • BSc Mathematics (University of Regina)
  • Diploma of Meteorology (University of British Columbia)
  • Over 25 years teaching & tutoring experience
  • Specialties: IB Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/AP Physics, Chemistry, Calculus/SAT Physics, Chemistry


Math Teacher

  • BC teacher, teaching provincial curriculum, and AP and IB mathematics for students at different levels
  • Previous experience as a college instructor, with over 10 years of experience teaching in two different countries
  • Strong believer in extra-curricular activities, and showing students that education goes beyond the classroom


Director of Operations

  • Over 15 years experience in the education field
  • Masters of Education obtained from UBC
  • Certified bilingual guide and interpreter
  • Director of Operations for Can-Star Academy & Canada Star Secondary School


School Head

  • University application and admissions expert
  • Over 7 years experience as university marketing lecturer
  • Monthly one-on-one education updates
  • Passion to help students receive admission from their dream universities, and in turn, bring them one step closer to their ideal future.

Jason Yau

ELL/ IELTS/ SAT/ SSAT/ Provincial Literacy/ Social Studies

  • Native English speaker born, raised and educated in British Columbia, Canada. He attended Capilano University and graduated from the University of Victoria.  
  • Has extensive experience teaching ELL, IELTS and is also quite adept in teaching SAT and SSAT English.  
  • When a student felt that she was reached her ceiling on SAT English, Jason is able to adapt quickly and use his teaching methods to help push this student to reach his or her goals.

Josephine Yun

English 10-12/ SAT/ IELTS/ Provincial Literacy

  • Has been teaching English since 2008 
  • Graduated from Simon Fraser University with M.Ed. and obtained TESOL higher level certificate from Vancouver Community College
  • Experienced teacher in IELTS, high school English, SAT, CELPIP, and ELL. 
  • Students have seen tremendous improvement and growing interest in learning English. She has also helped students improve their scores and also cultivated students’ love for language and culture.

Sophia Wu

English language test preparation, including IELTS, SAT, ESL, Provincial Exam

  • An experienced English Language teacher with over 15 years of experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree in International Finance, Master’s Degree in Applied English, and began her teaching career as a college instructor in China. 
  • After receiving a diploma in Interpretation and Translation at Simon Fraser University and a TESL certificate from Douglas College, she started to specialize in teaching English language test preparations, including IELTS, SAT, ESL, and Provincial Exam.
  • Believes a good teacher is to develop skills, inspire confidence, and impart knowledge through teaching.

Eddie Chan

ELL, IELTS, Biology, Physical

  • Born and raised in Canada who has a very good understanding of the Canadian education system
  • Graduated from Simon Fraser University with Bachelor of Science, majoring in cells, molecules, and physiology biology. Also completed another certificate as a Health Unit Coordinator at Vancouver Community College with a CGPA of 4.18. 
  • Experience in hospital settings. Currently working as a unit coordinator at the intensive care unit (ICU) and the surgical unit. 
  • Able to help students make the connection between text book knowledge and real life scenarios


Physics, Chemistry (11-12, AP, IB, SAT, general chemistry) and math (pre-calculus 9-12, calculus 12, AP, SAT)

  • Obtained a degree of B. Eng. from Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) and graduated from Simon Fraser University (SFU) with a PhD degree in science (Theoretical Chemistry and Chemical Modeling). 
  • Had taught general chemistry for almost 10 years as a teaching assistant at SFU. Jeff has been teaching and tutoring high school students on various subjects since 2012. 
  • An expert in teaching Physics, Chemistry (11-12, AP, IB, SAT, general chemistry) and math (pre-calculus 9-12, calculus 12, AP, SAT). 
  • Uses the method of “Clarification of Concepts – Basic Applications – Extended Applications – Review and Consolidation”. 

Dianna Bao

Painting/Ceramic arts

  • An artist and teacher with years of experience working in creative art and education industry. 
  • Received her Master’s of Education degree from UBC in 2022, and she received her BFA degree from the Alberta University of Arts in 2014. Dianna started teaching arts in 2010, and she has been working with various creative institutions like Rong Bao Zhai Art Education, Photos Unlimited Canada, Art Bank, and Calgary Chinese Private School.
  • Passionate about painting and ceramic arts, her current research interest is in studio-based creative practice.

David Alba

Art/ Design/ Architecture

  • Received his Master of Architecture from the University of Toronto and holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design (Honors) from the University of British Columbia.
  • His teachings are drawn from his experience as an Architectural Designer and an instructor. David has enjoyed the opportunity to be engaged in architectural projects across a variety of contexts, from British Columbia, Ontario, Europe and Africa. 
  • Has taught courses and guest lectured at leading post-secondary institutions focused on art, design and architecture
  • Passionate about providing effective opportunities for learning and development for a diverse group of students. He will work closely with the Canada Star team to equip students with knowledge and skills that will propel them forward in their academic and career pursuits.

Kevin Chen

Arts and Design

  • Has profound knowledge and accomplishments in fine arts and the art design field. He was formerly a teacher at Yunnan Art and Design Institute, Director of Yunnan Craft Art Research Institution, and Design Director of China Construction Corporation and Shenzhen South Decoration Company. 
  • The head teacher of Canada Star Art Academy. 
  • Has sent a large number of students to world’s best universities to pursue a career in art, such as Pratt Institute, Rhode Island School of Design, UAL, Emily Carr University of Arts and Design, and Sheridan College
  • Able to accommodate students’ personal interest in art and help students develop into better artists according to their strengths and weaknesses.

Jan Appel

Oil Painting, Painting, and AP Art Course Teacher

  • Holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Alberta and received Master’s Degree from Emily Carr University 
  • Specializes in both oil painting and painting.
  • Possesses a strong interest in art creation, painting ability, good professional quality, and love for art education-related work. 
  • A well-known local gallery manager, currently teaching at Emily Carr University, with rich teaching experience in art history, oil painting and painting.

Isabelle Dupont

French and AP Teacher

  • Born and raised in France, Isabelle immigrated to Canada as an adult 
  • Can provide English/French bilingual teaching, Isabelle believes that the most effective way to learn a new language is with a native speaker. Students can effectively reduce accents, master idiomatic expressions, and grammar skills. 
  • With many years of experience tutoring and teaching students of different ages. She strongly encourages students to participate in class discussions and gives each student the opportunity to practice

Cicy Zhao

Teacher for all courses from grade 8 to 12 and AP courses

  • Holds an UBC Bachelor of Arts Degree in literature 
  • With many years of teaching experiences, Cicy has maintained close communications with students and taught students in accordance with the most effective method
  • Her professional and enthusiastic teaching style and student-centered teaching philosophy is able to help her become a passionate educator who can guide and inspire her students and colleagues



AP Computing and Computer Programming teacher

  • Graduated from UBC with a major in electrical engineering, with an A-level GPA during his studies, Bojia has many years of experience in software creativity, design, development and other technological fields 
  • Proficient in multiple computer languages, holds patents in the computer field, and has won several software awards. Bojia also participated in startup companies as a senior manager
  • Very familiar with AP Computer Science A and AP Computer Principal exam preparation
  • Very rich teaching experience in computer programming


Teacher in all English subjects

  • Graduated from philosophy major in SFU, Nick has more than 5 years of teaching experience
  • Focuses on interaction with students in class, Nick is very good at discovering the most effective method for helping students to quickly improve their grades.


Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English Teacher

  • Double degree in biological sciences and history, teacher Allan is extremely interested in biological sciences and modern European history. 
  • Over 5 years of teaching experience, Allan has been teaching subjects ranging from elementary to high school mathematics and science. 
  • Years of teaching experience allow Allan to accurately formulate teaching plans and teach students in accordance with their interest; whether it is a group class or a one-on-one class.


AP, ELL, IELTS, TOFEL, SAT, and SSAT teacher

  • Holds a double degree in English and Economics from an Ivy League institution in the United Kingdom and is currently studying in UBC’s master’s program
  • With 15 years of teaching experience, Elena specializes in AP Human Geography, AP Psychology, AP English, Poetry, Academic Writing and Reading, Provincial Examination, English Studies, social science subjects, SAT, SSAT, ELL, as well as IELTS, and TOEFL 
  • With a flexible teaching style, her focus is student-centered to ensure that all her students can maximize their potential.


AP Human Geography, AP Psychology, AP History, English Reading, Writing, IELTS, SAT, and SSAT Teacher

  • Graduated from Alberta University with an undergraduate degree and graduate degree from Anaheim University. Todd has many years of international teaching experience, with a well understanding of the characteristics of international students
  • Able to quickly discover the shortcomings of students in the classroom, Todd can apply the most effective method and improve students’ academic performance
  • Many of Todd’s students have achieved excellent results, and many AP students have got a score of 5 on their exams


AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics Teacher

  • Master of Economics
  • Taught economics and related courses to undergraduates and accumulated rich teaching experience 
  • The most popular AP economics teacher, his lectures are clear in logic, and he pays attention to supplementing and interpreting economic theories with examples 
  • Among the students he taught, many has achieved excellent results. Some students have even got a score of 5 on their AP macroeconomics and microeconomics exam


IELTS Teacher

  • Graduated from Waikato University of New Zealand. She specializes in English teaching with more than 10 years of experience 
  • With a well-organized and humorous teaching style, she has a strong appeal with students 
  • Understanding students’ need by frequently interacting with students, she has accumulated a lot of experience in how to deal with the IELTS test efficiently and improve the score in a short period of time


IELTS, K-12 English, and ELL Teacher

  • Passionate English teacher with a BA degree from the University of British Columbia
  • Worked in Canadian high school and the federal government of Canada, Gideon holds a Certificate in English Teaching (CELTA) 
  • Years of English teaching experience, in-depth research on various language test, have helped improve students’ comprehensive English ability. He is good at personalized analysis, and knows the blind spots of students’ English learning
  • Able to help students find the most effective learning method and solve the problems encountered in learning

Teresa Hanul Seo

K-12 English, Sociology, History, and AP History Teacher

  • A graduate of the University of British Columbia 
  • Very familiar with the Canadian education system, Teresa can teach Kindergarten to grade 12 English, sociology, history, AP history and other subjects
  • With her Proficiency in English writing skills, she has guided students to produce clear, concise and critically acclaimed essays, presentations, and other forms of writing in a variety of disciplines 
  • Her teaching style focuses on guiding students to read, write, and express their ideas in an effective manner


Director of Administration

  • Responsible for the school’s enrollment in the Chinese market
  • More than 10 years of experience in the field of education
  • Successfully helped thousands of students enter Canadian institutions
  • Have a very well understanding of the differences and characteristics of China and Canada’s education system


Academic Advisor

  • Graduated with a Master of Education Degree in Canada, she has spent her last 8 years of study and work in Canada 
  • Has an in-depth understanding of Canadian institutions and application requirement 
  • Dedicated to help students to enter their ideal university


Academic Advisor

  • Has a postgraduate degree in education 
  • With many years of teaching experience in public schools, Fei has a teaching qualification certificate in BC and is very familiar with the North American education system
  • She believes a growth mindset is more important than hard work, and it is what ultimately determines a student’s career path
  • Has won high recognition and praise from all her students and their parents with her professionalism


Academic Advisor

  • He graduated from BCIT in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • He has worked in the electrical engineering field, and enjoys sharing his experiences with students looking to pursue an education in engineering
  • Roy’s previous experience has given him different skills and shaped his work ethic, and he hopes to help students in another perspective.


Marketing Recruiter

  • Responsible for recruiting students in the Chinese market 
  • Versatile consultant with 6 years of expertise as and education consultant
  • Student-oriented teaching professional committed to helping all student reach their full potential
  • Familiar with top universities admission requirements and grab an understanding of international education in depth, familiar with the application process.



  • Oversees and coordinates day-to-day school administration
  • Always willing to help our students with whatever assistance they require
  • Mom to Lily – the cutest dog in the office


Financial &HR Administrator

  • Diploma in Hospitality Management
  • Graduated from Kitsilano High School
  • 3 years Admin Officer,Payroll and Recruiting experience