SAT Exam Tutoring

SAT Exam Tutoring

The SAT is a standardized exam divided into four sections: Reading, Writing & Language, Math, and Essay. Universities and colleges most commonly use this exam for admission decisions. The SAT is how post-secondary institutions measure a high school student’s capabilities and readiness for university. Aside from the SATs, college admissions officers will review your high school GPA, extracurricular activities, and letters of recommendation. The SAT is scored on a point system. Each section of the SAT is scored from a 200-800 point scale. The highest score that a test taker can earn on this exam is 1600.

SAT Course Details

The SAT has 154 Multiple Choice Questions and one optional essay.

The SAT is divided into four sections:

  • Reading
  • Writing & Language
  • Mathematics
  • Essay (Optional)

Reading Test Overview

This portion of the exam provides several passages of reading that may also include visuals like graphs, tables and charts. Passages chosen will generally include U.S. or world literature, a U.S. founding document, social sciences and science.

Overall, 52 multiple-choice questions will test understanding of words in context and command of evidence to be completed in 65 minutes.

  • Total Time: 65 Minutes
  • 52 Multiple Choice Questions
  • Passages on: U.S. Founding documents, classic literature, social sciences

Common Mistakes Made On This Portion Of The Exam:

Wrong Grammar

Using incorrect grammar, sometimes carelessly due to the time pressure.

Failing to Stick to the Topic

Sometimes test writers do not properly plan the topic and how to structure your supporting material. The test writer may veer off topic.

Too Long or Too Short

Not budgeting or pre-planning your words may cause your essay to be too long or too short.

Forgetting Supportive Evidence

Be sure to have sufficient evidence before stating your position. Do not leave room for confusion and ensure it is compelling.

Lack of Clarity

Graders want clear and concise essays that aren’t overly complicated. To ensure you get the best score possible: state your argument clearly, cite key points and provide supporting evidence.

Writing & Language Test Overview

Like the Reading Test, Writing and Language will use passages that must be assessed to answer 44 multiple choice questions in 35 minutes. Answers suggest corrections and improvements to the underlined contents in each question. Evaluating vocabulary, grammar, and editing skills are crucial to understanding each question’s context. Passage topics include nonfictional narratives and topic arguments across a broad range of subjects.

Common Mistakes Made On The Exam For the Language / English Portion of the SATs:

Reading the Passage Before Reviewing The Questions

It is essential to read the questions carefully before reading the passage, so you know what to pay attention to when reading the passage.

Poor Time-Management

You need to answer 52 questions in 65 minutes. Each passage comes with 10-12 questions, meaning you should spend no more than 12 minutes on each passage. It is crucial to strengthen your ability to read and annotate passages as you go along.

Weak Vocabulary

You need strong knowledge on English vocabulary and its proper application.

Poor Knowledge of Grammar and English Convention

Certain questions really put your knowledge of proper grammar and English convention to test. Every multiple choice question may differ in subtle ways, but only one is correct.

Ignoring Context

Paying attention to the passage’s context can help give you a better idea of why the question is being asked.

Mathematics Test Overview

The mathematics test is broken into two sections and allows 80 minutes in total. 25 minutes are allocated for the No Calculator portion, which has 20 questions. 55 minutes are given for the Calculator portion that has 38 questions. Each portion has a mixture of multiple-choice and grid-in free response type questions and will test the math disciplines of algebra, geometry and trigonometry.

Common Mistakes Made On the Math Portion of the SATs:

Forgetting Formulas

Forgetting formulas is a common mistake for students that have an overreliance on their calculators. You don’t need to know every mathematical formula you’ve learned throughout your academic career. However, it is essential to remember the ones you will be tested on the most.

Misreading Word Problems

It is essential to read word problems carefully. Translating words into the correct formula can be tricky, so paying close attention to the wording is important.

Skipping Steps When Providing Written Answer

Write down every single step when answering a question. It is far better to provide too much information than not enough and lose marks for it.

Over-Relying on Calculator

Sometimes it is much faster to solve a problem on paper than to immediately grab your calculator. Remember that your time is limited and you need to be conscious of just how much time you are taking up.

Why Is It Important To Do Well On The SAT?

SATs are a standardized exam. The test scores are a vital part of your application to US universities. Your SAT scores affect the university and type of studies you get admitted to, the funding you receive, your education, and your career.

Highly competitive facilities typically have grade cutoffs and a good score is only a prerequisite to have your application be taken into consideration.

Benefits of Tutoring

For the English Exam

At the Can-Star Academy in Richmond, our tutors will help students avoid the pitfalls and common errors that can negatively impact the outcome of their SAT Language scores. Time management and understanding question context is key but so are strong grammar and vocabulary skills. The Can-Star Academy in Richmond delivers a comprehensive prep course tailored to the pace of learning that will improve your academic performance and study efficiently.

For the Math Exam

When it comes to mathematics, students can sometimes overcomplicate things. The Can-Star Academy in Richmond offers a comprehensive prep course designed to streamline how to best prepare for all three mathematical subjects. Complex subject comprehension can benefit from the individual attention that only one-on-one tutoring can provide.

Tutoring Packages Available

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